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Glass Art for Homes

Many people think of windows and glassware when discussing glass for the home. Art is occasionally discussed, but not as a centerpiece of conversation on this subject. It seems to have fallen into a vague category, but this is far from the reality of modern life. Glass art is in many places, but it does not always look like glass. Chandeliers are one form of glass art that is contained in many homes. They are combined with metal or wood to create a piece of art. These pieces must also contain lights and electric wiring. The wiring is often covered by the use of solid materials so it does not ruin the overall effect designed by the artist.

In past centuries, glass chandeliers were often made of crystal glass. Their beauty was solely in the light they provided. The crystal reflected light in the same manner as diamonds. This is due to the high rate of diffraction in crystal pieces. Today’s chandeliers are not always made from crystal. Many are made of plain glass and do not always reflect a great deal of light in the manner of diamonds. Other components are featured in these modern works. Pieces of glass are still present, but this is secondary. One way to feature the glass pieces are to add color to them. This can be accomplished in several different ways. The pieces can be made with color in them, they can be painted and they can also have glass decals added to them for color. Each method will change the light value of these beautiful pieces.

There is much beauty to be seen in art pieces made of glass. A chandelier, crystal or plain glass, is just one example that is part of many households. Modernization of this artistic medium allows for new ways to display this type of art and enjoy it. Both glassware and stemware are contributions to modern glass beauty. These beautiful table pieces can be made as sets of crystal or plain glass. They can be decorated with color or they can be cut to pick up and reflect more light.

Art made of glass has almost infinite shapes and styles. Each piece is crafted to let light into it, and move the light around. This effect makes glass shine from the inside. It has fascinated humanity for many centuries and will continue to do so as long as artists continue to create new pieces.