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A Beautiful Fusion

Many people have admired the clarity and shape of glass art over the centuries, but adding colour can give it a whole new dimension. There have been many artists who have created colours and shades within their pieces. They are often the artists professionally trained, and they have a host of ways to add colour to their pieces. Some of them begin with creating glass already imbued with colour, but others add coloured glass pieces into their clear base to present a beautiful fusion.

While the basic process of creating glass from scratch is fairly straightforward, doing it several times to create different coloured pieces to be combined can make it more interesting. Many artists today go through this more complex process, and it can take days or weeks before they are ready to start on their final product. It may seem like a process unworthy of them, yet the time spent to create an original piece of artwork is often the reason they pursue their craft.

Mixing coloured blanks by hand is a painstaking process of heating, shaping, and then heating the glass once again. It can take several hours or several weeks before a complex piece has been combined into one whole. Shaping it is often done before adding new pieces. The entire process is one where the artist must judge progress as they make their interior vision come to life.

The ability to mix different coloured glass blanks together to create a whole is one reason many artists choose formal classes. An experienced glass artist may already have experimented to find several different methods of creating this type of art, and they can pass on that knowledge to those who study under them. It can be a rewarding experience each time an artist realizes their own vision in a solid piece of beautifully fused and shaped glass.